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GBI works with organisations to help them build their leadership capacity and unlock their potential for a positive impact. More businesses than ever are committed to improving their impact on society. Many understand that they have a critical role to play in solving a range of social and environmental issues.
We are a not-for-distributive-profit organisation launched by the Executive Coaching Consultancy (ECC). ECC has been developing leadership capability for over two decades. They have been part of helping organisations connect their practices to help address broader social issues and they passionately believe in the positive role for business in society.

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We provide a transformative set of programmes designed to help the leaders of post investment startups, charities, trusts, non-profit organisations and foundations. Leaders who aspire to operate in today’s challenging environment in the best ways; with inclusivity and fairness.

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Sustainable Leadership

For the CEOs and founders of young companies who find the transition from leading a startup to a growing enterprise challenging. This programme is a skills workshop that will develop their understanding in some key areas and allow them to foster long-term sustainable growth. Unlike other leadership programmes, these workshops go beyond the traditional leadership capabilities. We help develop their capacity to rapidly respond to a significantly shifting context and to the impact of global trends in the role of business in society.

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Set for Work

Building a fairer, diverse and inclusive future is also about helping more people return to work. This is a tailored programme that meets the needs of individuals that may not be working for a range of reasons. They may be lone parents or have taken a break to care for another. We provide coaching and skills workshops to help them move towards sustainable employment.

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Better Impact

This programme aims to develop leaders in the Voluntary, charitable, community and Social Enterprise sector. Coaches work in one on one and group settings to help leaders who want to thrive and perform in an increasingly complex and demanding environment. We also help them understand how to act responsibly with good, social and ethical leadership.

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